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Two Important Things to know Before Booking a Hotel Room

If you’ve planned on visiting a particular city for a business trip or you’re planning to surprise the missus by taking her to a coastal city for a weekend getaway; you have to get the basics right in both situations. The basic thing you need to do is to book a room in the right hotel. Most people tend to compromise on the hotel that they are staying in to save money. All we are going to say is that there is a big difference between booking a hotel that is cheap and booking a cheap hotel. Do not worry about moving your stuff. We have Hunts International (professionals in removals to France) to take your back.

  1. Location

Location is everything when it comes to booking a hotel. There is no point booking a hotel in a remote location because it offers you the cheapest deal; the only reason that you’re getting the cheapest deal is that the hotel is located so far away. Remember that if you are going for a business trip, you’re meeting or conference will most likely be located at the heart of the city and you would then be required to shell out a lot of money to travel to and from the hotel. What you save in hotel rent, you end up losing in cab fare. The same is the case for hotel rooms booked for vacation purposes; for example, if you want to enjoy the beaches, it makes so much sense to book a moderately priced hotel that is walking distance from the beach. Firstly, you would save a lot of money that would otherwise be used to pay for the cab ride and secondly, hotels located near tourist attractions tend to offer greater food and beverage choices when compared to hotels that are located in remote locations.

  1. Reputation

The reputation of a hotel is very important. If the hotel you’re booking has gotten a bad rep online, figure out why. Only reviewers tend to be a mixed bunch; most reviews tend to be honest and straightforward. But that doesn’t mean you should take the reviews without a grain of salt. If you’re hotel generally has a low rating due to a number of parameters then it is time to look for a new hotel. Most online review sites for hotels have parameters such as cleanliness, service, food, location, ambience, etc. Say for example the hotel is located close to your location of travel but the food is poorly rated, then it is okay to book the place as you can simply go somewhere else to eat. But if the general consensus on all criteria is poor; then look up other hotels that may be priced a little higher but offer a better experience.

The Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant

It really depends on what part of the world you are in. If you belong to the Indian Subcontinent or you are travelling to parts of India, you would surely notice local food joints claiming to be hotels. But there is a significant difference between hotel and restaurant; most westerners would baulk at such a question being put to them because the two cannot be more different. In this article, we will discuss the major difference between a hotel and a restaurant.

A hotel is a place that offers rooms for people who are visiting a particular location. Most start studded hotels have a number of different restaurants within them and have the capability of providing room service. Room service is the option where customers can order food to their respective rooms. A hotel can contain a number of extra services for its customers such as swimming pool, a recreational room, a conference room among other services. A hotel is essentially a large building that has a number of rooms where people can stay for a particular period of time. A hotel can also have varying room quality depending on the price.

A restaurant, on the other hand, is a location that serves food for its customers and nothing more. A restaurant doesn’t have any form of lodging and does not have services such as swimming pool or recreation room. The variation is restaurant arises from the type of food and beverage that is sold at the location. Certain restaurants have specific cuisines while other restaurants serve a number of different cuisines and are called multi-cuisine restaurants. If the restaurant specializes in selling alcohol, it can be referred to as a pub, but that is a different debate altogether. In short, a restaurant does not accommodate individuals for any period of time regarding lodging in any form or provide room service for that matter. A restaurant can be a part of a hotel or be affiliated to a hotel and thus can be collectively referred to as a hotel.

The problem arises due to a number of developing countries mixing up the definitions; so if you are from the United States and you are backpacking through India, and you notice small food joints claiming to be hotels, then realise that the ignorance is widespread. And most people in India will still refer to going to a restaurant to eat as going to a hotel to eat. The confusion remains, but in all honesty, most people in India understand what the other person is referring to. It is but the quirks of traveling to a different country.